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Homes for All Housing Strategy 2017/18 - 2022/23

This Strategy sets out the Council’s strategic housing priorities. Its vision is to support the creation of cohesive communities, helping everyone in the District to have a choice of high quality housing to meet their needs.

The main focus of the Strategy is those who are unable to exercise a reasonable choice. It complements the Winchester District Development Framework which provides a framework and policy context within which new development can take place.

The five priorities of the Strategy are:

  1. To accelerate and to maximise the supply of high quality affordable housing across the District.
  2. To improve the housing circumstances of vulnerable and excluded households.
  3. Supporting local people accessing high quality and affordable housing which meet their needs.
  4. To make best use of housing.
  5. To engage with residents and create cohesive communities.

We will develop a series of actions to meet these priorities, including building much more Council housing, driving down homelessness and improving standards in private sector housing.

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