Extra Care

  • How it works

    If you’re over the age of 55, you purchase a share in your new home, possibly with surplus funds from downsizing, and pay affordable rent back to Winchester City Council for the share you don’t own. Over time, you can buy more shares in your home up to an ownership level of 75%.

    This ensures the homes are available for Winchester’s older community in perpetuity.  

    Additional care needs can be catered for over time. 

  • The type of home

    Purpose built and constructed in partnership with Winchester City Council, the self-contained apartments are typically enhanced by communal facilities including restaurant, lounges and laundry on site additionally.

  • Who is eligible

    Extra Care properties in Winchester are available to local people aged 55 or over who wish to maintain their independence by living in their own home, but want the choice of additional support if their needs change over time.