Empowering Tenants

We are committed to making tenant participation a reality by actively encouraging and improving tenant involvement and consultation.

Under the Housing Act 1985, councils must give tenants and leaseholders an opportunity to have their say before changes are made to services, policies and programmes. The Council is becoming more answerable to local people and letting them know how decisions are made. In turn, tenants and leaseholders are invited to get involved in housing matters and to tell the Council of their areas of concern.

To make sure that local people are involved in decisions that affect their homes and communities, we have provided a number of different options for tenants and leaseholders to get involved.

If you are interested in getting involved, want more information about groups in your area, or just want to tell us about issues that concern you, give the Tenant Involvement Team a call on Freephone 0800 716 987.

  • Hearing Loop

    This facility is available at all Tenant Involvement meetings for hearing aid and non-hearing aid users. If you require this service so you can get involved, please contact the Tenant Involvement Team on freephone 0800 716 987.

  • Tenants Agreement

    The tenant Compact is currently under Review aiming for relaunch by Autumn 2020.

    Winchester City Council's Compact/Agreement covers the overall approach to tenant involvement in the Winchester District. It lays down expected standards, levels of service for working together and plans to increase the opportunities and options for involvement by encouraging both individual and collective participation.

    Its overriding aim is to minimise barriers to involvement at all levels by benefiting tenants, leaseholders and the City Council.

    The district-wide Tenant Participation Compact originally signed in September 2000 marked the beginning of a new partnership between tenants, elected members and staff. 

  • The Review

    The tenant Compact is currently under Review aiming for relaunch by Autumn 2020.

    The Agreement aims to give tenants a greater say in the way Housing services are delivered and more opportunities to get involved.

  • Tenant Training

    As a tenant you can take part in a variety of training opportunities to provide you with some essential life skills, the current programme is being developed aiming for launch Summer 2020.

    For involved tenants, we also offer additional courses and training to enhance your involvement and to allow you to be more effective in your role. Courses include Minute Taking, Chairing skills and Event Management skills. There are also opportunities to attend national conferences and events.

  • Tenant Involvement for ALL

    Tenant involvement allows you to influence how our services are delivered, gives you an opportunity to make new friends and to promote local events. How much time you would like to invest in getting involved is your decision. We don’t want you to be out of pocket whilst ‘being involved’, so will contribute towards out of pocket expenses for attendance at meetings, including transport costs, reimbursement of mileage to and from meetings, car parking tariffs and child care and carers’ expenses. We also offer incentives for some of our involvement activities.

  • Contact Us

    For more information about tenant involvement, please contact the Council's Tenant Involvement team:

    • Tel.: Freephone 0800 716 987
    • E-mail: tenantinvolvement@winchester.gov.uk

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