Fire Safety Management

Winchester City Council Housing Services manages and controls the fire risks for all Housing Properties and ensures that there are suitable and sufficient arrangements for fire safety management across all associated properties.

The Fire Safety Policy linked on this page gives specific information on the management arrangements in Winchester City Councils manned sheltered housing schemes, temporary accommodation hostels, medium rise flats and places of work within the housing stock.

The Fire Safety section on page 35 of the Tenant Handbook provides more information about managing risks along with some links to safety advice leaflets.

If you live in a Council owned block of flats with internal communal areas, the Council are required to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA).  The frequency of these FRA’s is dependent on risk and can be between 1 – 5 years.

If you would like to know when the FRA for your block of flats is next due, please go to the document on the right hand side called ‘.FRA Block Information’. 

To find the building you live in, scroll down the list of post codes until you come to yours.  The next Assessment date is in the right hand column (year/month).

Also to the right side of this webpage are the FRA reports for Winchester City Council’s ‘Category A’ blocks of flats.

If your flat block is not listed there, you can request the Fire Risk Assessment report for your building.

If you have any queries on the above, or would like to request an FRA report, please email