Moving Out

You must give the Council at least 28 days/4 weeks notice before you leave. If you move without telling us, you will be charged four weeks rent from the time that you moved.

In certain circumstances, it may be possible to terminate a tenancy giving less than four weeks notice. This may apply in some cases where notice is being given to terminate the tenancy following the death of a relative.



You can do this online by completing the Tenancy Termination online form, or write to a Void Property Officer to confirm your notice to terminate via email or if you have further questions you can call 01962 848 400.

  • What do I need to do next?

    You need to leave the property as it was before you first moved in (barring normal wear and tear), so that it is clean, tidy and ready for the next tenant to move in. In accordance with your tenancy conditions you are required to look after the property and maintain the premises in reasonable decorative order.

    Once you have given notice to terminate, the Council will provide a free property inspection to determine the condition of the property, and confirm if there are any repair works that are you responsible for rectifying before moving out.

    If the Council has to undertake work that is your responsibility you will be charged for the cost of the work. The Council can recharge for:

    • any repairs that are the result of accidental damage or neglect
    • the clearing of rubbish, unwanted furniture, and/or any other items left in the house, shed, garage or garden
    • reinstating the property to its original condition as a result of any alterations and or adaptations undertaken by you without the appropriate permission

    Please note: if you are on the Transfer List you will be required to do the works before being offered alternative accommodation.

    We have prepared a checklist for you to use when moving properties, which may help in making sure all necessary tasks are covered. 

  • What happens after I move out?

    Once you have moved out the Council will inspect the property and you will be notified of the outcome. If there is any work identified which was your responsibility to rectify it will be undertaken by the Council as a recharge, and you will be billed once the work is completed. The table below highlights the cost for some of the more common rechargeable works.

    Rubbish removal (per transit van load) £153.09
    Rehang internal door £27.51
    New internal door £138.97
    Double glazed window unit £127.11
    Replace kitchen worktop (per meter) £62.93
    Remove & refit kitchen unit £15.85

    Additional labour e.g. deep cleaning, removal of non-Council fittings

    £16-25 / hour       

    All our recharges are monitored and if payment is not made within a reasonable time, the Council will consider the use of legal and other enforcement action to recover the debt.