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War Memorials

War Memorials are a highly emotive and commemorative focus of interest within the area. These structures provide reminders and tangible connections to the sacrifices and loses the community has faced during times of conflict and disaster. War Memorials come in all shapes and sizes and provide richness to the streets and villages of the district.

A significant part of the Winchester Future 50 Conservation Area Project involved gathering an inventory list, photograph and condition report of the War Memorials within two of the conservation areas within the pilot project; St Giles and the Walled Town. The recorded data and information can be seen through the new Winchester Future 50 Conservation Area Project GIS layer. Further information into the project and the outcomes can also be accessed through the Winchester Future 50 page.

For general advice and enquires concerning the condition information surrounding the War Memorials within the district please contact the nominated War Memorial Liaison Officer: Louise Dandy.


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