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Avoid scams

We continue to ask all residents to be vigilant of scams and rogue traders. Hampshire County Council Trading Standards has advised that we can all help vulnerable members of the community stay safe by encouraging people to only deal with those who they know or people contacted through community support groups and Local Response Centres.

Hampshire County Council Trading Standard are aware of the following coronavirus scams:

  • Miracle cure: Currently no cure or vaccine for COVID-19 exists and any claims otherwise are false.
  • Tests are available for purchase, we advise that you purchase these from a local pharmacy for collection. 
  • Testing at home: Any callers at the door, offering ‘home-testing’ for COVID-19 will be fraudulent.
  • Deep cleaning: Do not allow people into your home, even if they claim to be the council carrying out a deep clean. 
  • Fake hand sanitisers: These products can contain harmful, even banned substances. Ingredients must always be listed on the product itself.

For more information on avoiding scams and rogue traders click here.




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