Play Areas

We manage 25 equipped play areas and 3 skate parks in the city and surrounding district. There are many other play areas in the district which are the responsibility of your local parish council.

We have a five year plan for refurbishing our play areas and we are currently in the third year. 

To discover our play areas in Winchester City, complete our Wonky Walks by following the link on the right.

  • Skate parks
    • King George V, Milland Road - Highcliffe
    • Somers Close - Stanmore
    • North Walls Recreation Ground - River Park Leisure Centre, City Centre

    There are a number of other skateparks within the district which are managed by Parish Councils. For more information on these skateparks you can contact your parish clerk.

    There is one other skate park at:

    • Meadowside - near Meadowside Leisure Centre, Whiteley



  • Abbey Gardens, City Centre
  • Abbotts Walk, Abbotts Barton
  • Arlington Place, City Centre
  • Bath Place, Fulflood
  • Chaundler Road, Abbotts Barton
  • Dean Park Gym, Dean Lane, Weeke
  • Dean Park, Dean Lane, Weeke
  • Fairdown Close, Winnall
  • Friary Gardens, Culver Road, St. Cross
  • Gordon Avenue, Highcliffe
  • Imber Road Gym, Winnall
  • Imber Road, Winnall
  • King George V, Milland Road, Highcliffe
  • Marnhill Rise, Fulflood
  • Monarch Way, Stanmore
  • North Walls Recreation Ground Skatepark, River Park Leisure Centre, City Centre
  • North Walls Recreation Ground, River Park Leisure Centre, City Centre
  • Nursery Gardens, Fulflood
  • Oram's Arbour, City Centre
  • Somers Close, Stanmore
  • Somers Close Gym, Stanmore
  • Somers Close Skatepark, Stanmore
  • St. Martins Close, Winnall
  • St. Matthews Field, Weeke
  • Stanmore Recreation Ground, Cromwell Road
  • Taplings Road, Weeke
  • Teg Down Meads
  • Thurmond Crescent, Stanmore
  • Walpole Road, Stanmore
  • Winnall Manor Road, Winnall