Play Areas

We manage 24 equipped play areas and 3 skate parks in the city and surrounding district. There are many other play areas in the district which are the responsibility of your local parish council.

We have a five year plan for refurbishing our play areas which runs from 2020-2025. 

To discover the play areas we manage in our district, look at the photo gallery below.



  • Abbey Gardens, City Centre
  • Abbotts Walk, Abbotts Barton
  • Arlington Place, City Centre
  • Chaundler Road, Abbotts Barton
  • Dean Park Gym, Dean Lane, Weeke
  • Dean Park, Dean Lane, Weeke
  • Fairdown Close, Winnall
  • Friary Gardens, Culver Road, St. Cross
  • Gordon Avenue, Highcliffe
  • Imber Road Gym, Winnall
  • Imber Road, Winnall
  • King George V, Milland Road, Highcliffe
  • Monarch Way, Stanmore
  • Newlands Walk, Waterlooville
  • North Walls Recreation Ground Skatepark, River Park Leisure Centre, City Centre
  • North Walls Recreation Ground, River Park Leisure Centre, City Centre
  • Nursery Gardens, Fulflood
  • Oram's Arbour, City Centre
  • Somers Close, Stanmore
  • Somers Close Gym, Stanmore
  • Somers Close Skatepark, Stanmore
  • St. Martins Close, Winnall
  • St. Matthews Field, Weeke
  • Stanmore Recreation Ground, Cromwell Road
  • Taplings Road, Weeke
  • Teg Down Meads
  • Thurmond Crescent, Stanmore
  • Walpole Road, Stanmore
  • Winnall Manor Road, Winnall