Winchester District Health & Wellbeing Partnership Board

"Ensuring that our communities are healthy and safe" is one of the main aims under the Active Communities priority outcome in the Winchester District Community Strategy.

Although statutory responsibility for public health and the provision of local health services rests with Hampshire County Council and the NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning group respectively in this area, district and borough councils have a critical role to play.

We have a strong track record of positive partnership working and its approach to health and wellbeing is no exception. A Winchester District Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board (WDHWPB) was established to ensure that the we were in the best possible position to respond to the implications of the planned health reforms.

The partnership brings together a wide range of partners from across WCC, the NHS, statutory agencies and voluntary and community sector organisations. Most importantly positive relationships have been established with representatives from West Hampshire NHS Clinical Commissioning group (CCG)

The current Chair of the Board is Dr Andrew Isbister. Dr Isbister is the CCG's lead GP for the Winchester locality, which includes 13 practices, 99 GPs and almost 143,000 registered patients - roughly 27% of the total CCG population. Councillor Lisa Griffiths WCC Portfolio Holder for Health and Wellbeing is the current vice-chair. The board meets in June and December each year.

  • Priorities

    The health and wellbeing priorities for the Winchester District have been set out in an evidence based action plan which can be found below. 

    1. Starting and Developing Well: pregnancy, birth, early years and children and young people aged between 5 – 18 years (up to 24 years with additional needs).
    2. Living and Working Well: adults from 18 years and people of working age.
    3. Ageing Well: people aged 55 years and over.
    4. Healthier Communities: developing strong, supportive and resilient communities.

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