Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the Council's policy for engaging with the community and other stakeholders on the preparation of planning policy documents that the Council produces and also planning applications.

  • SCI Refresh

    The council’s existing SCI dates from 2007.  Preparation of a refreshed SCI began in spring 2017, with a Citizen Space survey seeking views on ways of engaging in planning policy and on planning applications.  A summary of the survey can be found here

    Following on from this survey, a draft SCI has now been prepared and is available for public consultation between 24th July 2018 and 21st September 2018.  A copy of the draft SCI is attached (to this webpage).

    Comments can be made on the draft SCI via the following link:

  • Statement of Community Involvement 2007

    The Council adopted the SCI on the 25 January 2007, following a number of stages including an examination.

    A copy of the 2007 SCI is available to download on this page, along with the Adoption Statement, and other documents published during its preparation.