Silver Hill judicial review refused

A High Court Judge has refused permission for a judicial review action against Winchester City Council to proceed.

The action was brought by Cllr Kim Gottlieb, and challenged the Council’s decision in August to agree changes to the Silver Hill redevelopment in Winchester town centre.

The challenge alleged that the Council should not have agreed to the changes which were being sought by the developer of the scheme, Henderson, and also raised issues about the value the Council was obtaining from the developer for land which the Council owned within the scheme.

The Judge concluded that the development agreement with Henderson provided for alterations to the scheme, and that the Council had taken professional valuation advice in respect of its land interests, and accordingly refused permission for the challenge to continue.

The Court ordered the claimant to pay costs of £7,500 to the Council.

Cllr Gottlieb has until 15 October to ask for this decision to be reconsidered by the High Court if he wishes to pursue the challenge further.