Pay boost for lowest paid staff at Winchester City Council

Winchester City Council will be providing its lowest paid staff with a one off pay rise of £250 for anyone earning less than £21,000.

The payment comes after the Chancellor George Osborne made a commitment in his 2010 Budget to protect public sector workers earning less than £21,000 from the upcoming two-year public sector pay freeze by offering a £250 flat pay rise. 

The Council is committed to keeping Council Tax down and amongst other measures has worked hard to keep pay levels under control. The overall pay bill has gone down as staff numbers have reduced, and no Council staff have received a pay rise for the last three years, but the Council is still committed to helping its lowest paid members of staff.

Cllr George Beckett, Leader of the City Council said,

As a Council we are keen to ensure our Council tax payers get value for money, and I am pleased with the pay freeze. However, I fully appreciate that this disproportionately affects our lowest paid members of staff and so we seek to support them through these difficult economic times. These payments will help a range of low paid staff from Civil Enforcement Officers and Street Care Officers through to care staff in our Housing team”.