Two Minute Silence - A letter from the Mayor

Dear Sir

Remembrance Day

As the time for the annual expression of Remembrance nears, we sadly again have new names to recall and more of our brave young men and women who have been seriously injured or touched by it in the continuing campaign in Afghanistan...  As Mayor, I have quite frequent contacts with out military (indeed, one of my charities this year is The Rifles Care for Casualties Appeal) and I am continually impressed by their very fine character and sense of duty, from the newest recruit through to commanding officers. 

Through the media, we all know of the immense bravery and courage of our servicemen, the sacrifices that some have made and the very serious injuries that a significant number have sustained, many of them life-changing. We read, too, of the tragedies that have befallen their families and the stoicness with which they have borne them. Happily, we learn, too, of the immense skill and dedication of those who are devoted to caring for the injured; great advance have been made there, much funded by voluntary donations.

The Remembrance commemorations give us an opportunity to remember and reflect on all that with gratitude and admiration.

On Friday, 11 November at 11am, in the presence of representatives of the Royal British Legion and the military, I will be leading Winchester’s observation of the 2 minutes silence on the Guildhall steps. I hope that many of you will take this time, wherever you may be, to reflect and remember, recalling too the sacrifices made by our emergency services personnel in times of conflict. Members of the public who wish to do so are, of course, most welcome to informally assemble opposite the Guildhall to share in our silent tribute.

Yours faithfully

Cllr Barry Lipscomb
Mayor of Winchester