Pitt Manor inquiry postponement

The Planning Inspectorate have agreed to the postponement of the Pitt Manor Inquiry following representations from the Council urging them to delay proceedings until after the Barton Farm decision is known.

Having reviewed the position and sought views from interested parties, the Inspectorate formed the view that the most appropriate course of action is to postpone the opening of the inquiry. They commented, "In so doing, we do not make any judgement as to the likely outcome of the Barton Farm appeal nor thus its effect upon the evidence that may need to be adduced on the current appeal. Our decision is simply based upon the need to ensure that the Inspector will be in a position to conduct an efficient inquiry and to be fully informed on all of the relevant material considerations to which he will be obliged to have regard at the time of his decision."

New dates are currently being considered by the Inspectorate in consultation with the Council and appellant. The earliest revised date for the Inquiry would be the latter part of September, but it may not start until later in the autumn.

Cllr George Beckett, Leader of the City Council said, "I am very pleased that the Inspectorate has decided to postpone this Inquiry. The City Council wanted to make sure that the right decision was reached for Winchester and we felt that this could only take place once we know the outcome of the Barton Farm appeal."