Results of the Winnall household consultation

A group of Winnall residents undertaking a community plan for their area have completed a major household consultation exercise. Responses were received from 212 of the 1,466 households in the area – a response rate of 14%. A further 48 questionnaires were completed by young people from the area. A good cross section of the community participated, including 3% of all responses by residents from minority ethnic groups.

Key findings from the consultation include:

  • Many of the issues in need of improvement related to roads - parking, road and pavement repairs, clean streets and traffic congestion.
  • Also seen as important was the provision of activities for teenagers.
  • There was specific concern about speeding vehicles, particularly on Winnall Manor Road but also on a number of other roads.
  • Two issues were seen to be not so in need of improvement, but still very important – the level of crime and affordable decent housing.
  • Winnall Community Centre is well used, by a quarter of all respondents.

The next stage of the process is a series of meetings at which the emerging issues will be discussed with officers from the Council and other key organisations that can assist in developing a plan of action. The meeting in January will focus on issues around community safety and neighbour nuisance, with subsequent meetings on travel and parking, social activities, the local economy and the environment.

For more information about the Winnall Neighbourhood Plan, contact Janet Berry at Winnall Community Association on 01962 860558 or email or Mark Maitland at the City Council on 01962 848518 or email