Overall Crime & Disorder in Winchester has Fallen

Police recorded Crime and Disorder in Winchester fell by 4.6% in 2009/10, according to a recent Strategic Assessment undertaken by Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP).

Violence was down by 2.3%, to a total of 1475, and Rowdy and Nuisance behaviour fell by 16.2% to a total of 2599.

The police district commander for Winchester, Chief Inspector Steve Baxter said: β€œThe police will continue to work with the partnership to reduce all crime; but with potential cuts in public services, resources need to be focussed. The Crime and Disorder Review 2010 helps the partnership to focus their efforts on the priorities identified through contact with the community."

He added: "The challenge for the partnership is to continue reducing crime and prosecuting offenders, whilst maintaining the success in crime reduction we have achieved using intervention and deterrent measures to prevent offences occurring.”

The Crime and Disorder Review 2010 and the full results of the WCSP Survey 2010 are published on the WCSP website at www.wdsp.co.uk/communitysafety/consultations