New off-street parking permit gives residents more choice

The City Council has introduced a new off-street parking permit that gives residents more choice in where to park their vehicles.

The new permit allows residents living within permit parking zones to park their vehicles in certain Pay & Display car parks during off-peak times.

Holders of the new permit are able to park their vehicles in particular car parks between 8am-9am and from 4pm onwards during Monday to Friday, and all day on Saturdays.

On weekdays, the new permit will therefore allow overnight parking from 4pm until 9am the following day.

The permit, which is designed to help residents who experience parking problems outside of work hours, is valid in the following car parks: Cattle Market, Worthy Lane, St Peter's, and Chesil Surface.

The permit costs £100 per annum. Permit application forms can be obtained from City Offices in Colebrook Street. Telephone 01962 848 346 or email