Are crime and disorder a problem in your area?

Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) has launched its annual assessment of crime and disorder across the District.

The partnership is seeking the views of residents, visitors and local businesses by asking them to share their thoughts and experiences in relation to crime and anti-social behaviour.

The results from the public consultation will help the partnership to identify priorities for tackling crime & disorder, helping it to develop plans and allocate resources.

Lorraine Ireland, the WCSP analyst, said: “The WCSP gathers a wide range of information about crime and disorder throughout the District. The most important information comes from local people who are able to share their direct experience of any problems in their area. The information helps the partnership to gain a clear understanding of how it can help to make local communities safer.” 

The deadline for responses is 31st May 2010.

If you would rather complete the survey in a paper format, please contact the community safety team on 01962 848 423 or

The results of the survey and the annual review of crime and disorder will be published on the WCSP website in late summer 2010.