Community Safety World Cup Campaign

The Winchester Community Safety Partnership (WCSP) has launched a campaign to promote responsible behaviour during the World Cup.

With pubs around the District showing live World Cup matches, local organisations are working together to try to prevent alcohol-related crime and disorder during the event.

You can find details of the campaign at:

Some of the measures being put in place over the coming weeks include:

The use of polycarbonate glasses in a number of licensed premises signed up to PubWatch.

  • The distribution of football related education material e.g. alcohol scratch cards, Red Cards in relation to behaviour in licensed premises and posters relating to Domestic Abuse.
  • Extra patrols by police, ACSOs and Neighbourhood Wardens.
  • A walkabout by the Drug And Alcohol Group (DARG).
  • CCTV monitoring within the City.
  • General awareness via A&E, Police Stations, and educational establishments.
  • Alcohol Control Zone - the designated public place order will remain in place during the World Cup period except for areas where licensed events are in place.

For further details of the campaign, please contact the Community Safety Team at or telephone 01962 848 423.