Address Management - Street Naming and Numbering

Winchester City Council currently provides a comprehensive street naming and numbering service to developers and builders of new residential and commercial properties.

Part of the service is a statutory duty that we undertake, which is to name streets and number properties.

Other parts of the service which are non-statutory are:

  • Consultation with Parish Councils and Ward Councillors with regard to Street names and building names.
  • Requesting Post Codes from Royal Mail.
  • Creating a schedule of official postal addresses for the development.
  • Notification of the new addresses to various departments and organisations.
  • Notification of New Streets to the Custodian of the National Street Gazetteer “The NSG” at Hampshire County Council Highways.
  • Keeping a record of official addresses in the Winchester City Council Local Land and Property Gazetteer “The LLPG”
  • Updating the National Land and Property Gazetteer “ The NLPG”

The Council has now formally adopted legislation which allows us to begin charging for the administration of the service.

We intend to begin charging starting on the 1 of July 2010.