DVLA praises City Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers

Winchester City Council’s Parking Enforcement team has been praised by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for its role in identifying and reporting untaxed vehicles in the District.


The Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers sometimes come across untaxed vehicles whilst out on patrol and, although it is not part of their usual remit, the officers are able to record the details of the vehicles to send to the DVLA. The DVLA is then able to contact the owners of the vehicles and take action against them if necessary.


Between September and December 2009, the City Council’s reporting of untaxed vehicles resulted in 60 cases being pursued by the DVLA. Together with a further 40 cases within the District, the work done by the Council’s Civil Enforcement Officers contributed to DVLA imposed fines totalling £27,591 and prosecution costs of £6,000. Further cases were dealt with by out-of-court-settlements.


Richard Hein, Head of Parking at Winchester City Council, said: “Whilst doing their rounds, our Civil Enforcement Officers are able to keep an eye out for untaxed vehicles and record the details of any they notice. This does not cost anything or generate any revenue for the City Council, but it enables our officers to provide an additional public service.”