Cityscapes - Sophie Wiltshire at the view

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Sophie Wiltshire’s exhibition at the view, Winchester’s visual arts space on Bridge Street.  Her exhibition of clay cityscapes runs from Friday 27 March to Friday 1 May 2009.

Sophie’s drawings and collages are inspired by people, places, and events. Her cityscapes combine typical tourist postcard views with her personal experience of individual cities, offsetting the traditional connotations of sgraffito style slipware pottery with urban architecture and graffiti.

Sophie explained: “From these pieces I was interested in creating a three-dimensional collage based on an original paper composition. I treat the clay like paper scraps – painting them, cutting them, and sticking them down intuitively. By working from my sketches rather than photos, the views become increasingly removed from reality, further stylising what is already a personal representation.“

She added: “Drawing is an extremely important part of my work, and my constant challenge is to transfer my sketches to the clay without loosing their essence of rapidity and spontaneity.”

For more information about the artist and exhibition, please contact Sophie at