Jingle bells – a festive reminder to keep valuables safe

As part of a crime prevention initiative throughout December, Winchester City Council Neighbourhood Wardens will be giving away little gold bells, festively named 'Jingle Bells', for people to attach to their purses and handbags.

The bells are designed to alert people by ‘jingling’ if anyone tries to steal their personal items or if they drop them on the floor. The Wardens will also be using the opportunity to speak to shoppers about personal safety and security.

Over 300,000 people are expected to visit Winchester this Christmas to spend time at the Christmas market and ice rink. With all the crowds and rushing around it is easy to get distracted. It only takes a second for a thief to steal a purse or handbag whilst shoppers are distracted. The ‘jingle bells’ will serve as a timely reminder to keep bags and personal items secure.

Cllr John Cooper, Portfolio Holder for Communities and Safety, said: “These bells are a great way of raising awareness of personal security during the busy Christmas period. We aim to encourage people to look after their purses, wallets and handbags as the towns and shopping areas become increasingly busy with Christmas shoppers.”

Last year the Neighbourhood Wardens handed out over 1000 of the little bells and spoke to hundreds of Winchester shoppers about keeping their valuables safe.