City Council performing well in assessment

Winchester City Council has been judged as performing well for its residents in the Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA). The results have been announced today as part of the new harder criteria that has replaced the old system, ‘CPA’, where the council was judged to be ‘fair’.

CAA is split into two parts, one looks at the whole of Hampshire and the other, the Organisation Assessment judges the performance of the Council.

In our Organisational Assessment, the City Council scored a 3/4 in the Managing Performance assessment, and in the harder test Use of Resources assessment scored 2/4 overall. In both cases, the Council is either meeting or exceeding the standards expected of a Council. Many of our services have been found to be above average and we have demonstrated that we can improve our performance when needed.

Cllr George Beckett, Leader of the Council said, "I am delighted that we have been judged to be performing well for our residents. This indicates a significant improvement from the previous system of CPA where we were judged to be only ‘fair’. I am proud of the commitment throughout the council to improve services where necessary and respond to communities needs."

Inspectors have judged that the Council's aims and priorities of Economic Prosperity, High Quality Environment and Safe and Strong Communities match the concerns of local people and that projects are being delivered and resources committed to improve the environment, make people feel safe in their communities, and help the local economy weather uncertain times.

They recognised that the Council are supporting people and businesses in the recession and that we are working effectively with partners to deliver a number of schemes to promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The use of resources assessment concluded that the Council is managing finances to deliver value for money and compared to other local authorities, Winchester City Council is above average against most national and local performance indicators.

All local authorities’ and other public services’ inspection results can be found at This website also has more information about the area assessment of Hampshire as a whole.

Notes to editors:
CAA looks at how well local public services, working together, are meeting the needs of the people they serve. It's a joint assessment made by a group of independent watchdogs about the performance of local public services, and how likely they are to meet local priorities. It focuses on what a council and its partners organisations (like NHS Hampshire, Fire and Rescue Service and the Police) want to achieve for their area.

CAA has two elements: Area Assessment and Organisational Assessment. The area assessment looks at what all public services are achieving in Hampshire as a whole. The Organisational Assessment makes a judgement on how well the Council is run and whether it is delivering good services for its residents.