LDF Preferred Option paper given go ahead for consultation

Winchester City Council met on Wednesday night to discuss the Preferred Option Paper as part of the Winchester District Development Framework.

After 6 hours of debate the councillors voted in favour of the document being put forward to the next consultation stage.

The Preferred Option sets out for the first time the complete Core Strategy, including the detailed wording of policies and proposals, and the allocation of key sites across the District for development over the next twenty years. The documents are available to view on www.winchester.gov.uk/LDFworkshops..

Earlier parts of the process explored possible opportunities and options for growth and change, and a wealth of information has been gathered ranging from technical studies and reports, to feedback from stakeholders and the community. This information has all been influential in preparing a development strategy for the District which must comply with national and regional planning guidance.

Cllr George Beckett Leader of Winchester City Council said, “We have listened to residents through our various consultations and the petitions we have received, and we are aware that significant development on almost any site in the Winchester district is not popular. However, allocating space for development over the next 20 years is not optional; the Government require us to make a decision. We have asked officers to look carefully into all the possible options that were put before the public last year and their findings show that land on Barton Farm, at West of Waterlooville and North Whiteley are the most sustainable places for housing development in Winchester district.”

The Core Strategy Preferred Option will now go out to public consultation, and exhibitions will be held in various venues across the district for local residents and interested parties to attend. The consultation will start from mid May and the exhibitions will begin in early June. Details of all dates and venues will be available on our website www.winchester.gov.uk in the next few weeks.