Helena is an Olympic Winner!

Eight year old Helena Lee was the lucky winner of two competitions at the recent “Big Live Your Dream” picnic which was held to celebrate the official handover of the Olympics to the UK.

The picnic, which attracted thousands of residents, took place on 24 August as the Olympics drew to a close in Beijing and London officially took over as the host City.

As well as plenty of sporting events, parades and competitions, residents were also able to watch live pictures of the closing ceremony on a giant plasma screen.

Winchester City Council, which was behind the event, is keen for the city to make the most of the opportunities presented by the Olympics in 2012. The picnic offered a wonderful opportunity to inspire the Olympic dream in Winchester and focus minds on the big part Winchester can play in helping to make the next Olympics a huge success.

One person who had a great time at the Picnic was eight year old Helena Lee. Not only did she win first prize in the trainer throwing competition; she also scooped the prize in the ‘guess the amount of cans’ competition in which participants were invited to guess how many cans made up a huge crushed metal block.

Helena’s prizes were a £50 gift voucher donated by Wilds and a £20 HMV voucher donated by the City Council’s Environment department who organized the competitions.

Congratulations Helena!