Cllr Beckett re-elected Leader of Winchester City Council

Cllr George Beckett was re-elected as Leader of Winchester City Council last night at the annual Council meeting in the Guildhall.

As the majority party, the Conservatives continue to form the Cabinet - with new Portfolios being created in line with their priorities for the council.

Portfolios allocated to Cabinet members are as follows:

Cllr George Beckett – Leader of the Council
Cllr John Cooper – Communities and Safety
Cllr Patricia Stallard – Heritage, Culture and Sport
Cllr Frank Pearson - Environment
Cllr Frederick Allgood - Finance and Efficiency
Cllr Anthony Coates - Housing
Cllr Stephen Godfrey - Performance and Organisational Development
Cllr Keith Wood – Planning and Access

Cllr Beckett said: “I look forward to another successful year leading the City Council. We will take forward our priorities and build upon the firm progress we have made at the City Council. We have made a number of alterations to the Cabinet Portfolio responsibilities to help us achieve these aims.”
Chairmen of Council Committees are:

Cllr Fiona Mather - Licensing and Regulation
Cllr Ernest Jeffs - Planning Development Control
Cllr Richard Worrall - Personnel
Cllr Colin Chamberlain - Principal Scrutiny
Cllr Neil Baxter - Appeals and Disputes
Cllr Eileen Berry - Housing Appeals
Cllr Tait - Social Issues
Cllr Barry Lipscomb - Environment
Cllr Michael Anthony - Local Economy
Cllr Malcolm Wright - Resources
Following the local elections on 1 May 2008, the Conservatives hold 29 seats, the Liberal Democrats 24, Independents 3 and Labour 1.