How much is it worth?

The City Council strives to offer value for money in everything it does. Learn more about how the City Council makes the most of your council tax. Did you know, for instance, that our Animal Welfare service costs you the equivalent of just 1p per week, or that our entire Museum service costs you just 17p per week? Compare these costs with the amount that the average person spends on daily items such as a cup of coffee (£2), a chocolate bar (45p), or a newspaper (40p). It may also surprise you to learn that Winchester City Council receives only 9p from each £1 of your council tax.

ANIMAL WELFARE costs you just 1p per week*
Our Animal Welfare team deals with a number of issues throughout the district. These include animal licences, pest control, Pet care, and caring for stray animals. Click here to find out more about Animal Welfare


COMMUNITY SAFETY costs you just 2p per week*
Our Community Safety team deals with issues such as anti-social behaviour, enforcing alchohol exclusion zones and dealing with drug & alchohol related crime. Click here to find out more about Community Safety

cost you just 15p per week*
Our River Park and Meadowside Leisure Centres offer high-quality, modern facilities. The Centres are supported by the City Council's award winning Sports Development team. Click here to find out more about Leisure Centres

cost you just 17p per week*
The City Council's Museums Service runs four sites in the city including the City Museum and the Wesgate Museum; ensuring that everyone is able to share in our city's unique and valuable history. Click here to find out more about Museums

* The figures are based on 07/08 budgets and refer only to money spent by the City Council.