Regiment shows its gratitude to the city

The Mayor of Winchester admiring the silver statuetteThe Adjutant General's Corps has honoured the City of Winchester by presenting a beautiful silver statuette to the Mayor of Winchester.

Earlier this month, at the invitation of the City Council, the Corps exercised their 'Freedom of Entry' into Winchester with a spectacular parade through the city streets. Now the Corps has presented the distinctive statuette to show its gratitude to the people of Winchester.

The statuette shows a Captain of the AGC in full Service Dress; standing with sword drawn in the 'at ease' position. The figure is shown with five medals; the typical medal haul of a senior Captain of the Corps who has been on operations in Northern Ireland, Former Yugoslavia and Iraq or Afghanistan.

The statuette is mounted on a wooden base adorned with a silver plaque. The plaque is inscribed with the words:

"Presented to the City of Winchester by the Adjutant General's Corps who celebrated their freedom of the city on 30 June 2008."

The original set of four statuettesThe Mayor of Winchester, Cllr Michael Read, said:

"It is a great honour to have hosted the Adjutant General's Corps Freedom Parade. This beautiful statuette shows just how much it means to the Corps to have received the support of everyone in the city on that day. I hope to put this wonderful piece of silver on display very soon, so that it can be enjoyed by everyone."

The original version of the statuette appeared alongside three others on a silver trophy commissioned to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Corps.

The trophy was designed to highlight the Corps' biggest asset, namely the people who serve within it; with the four statuettes symbolising the four branches within the Corps. It shows four outward facing Captains; all equal and mutually supporting. The statuettes are mounted on a single base, upon which, the six cap badges of the Corps are proudly displayed.