City Council succeeds in its efficiency drive

Winchester City Council has managed not only to achieve its efficiency savings target of £531,000 for 2007/08, but has even managed to surpass the figure by £16,406. Over the past three years, the Council had been set a cumulative efficiency savings target of over one and a half million pounds, a figure that it has now managed to exceed by £351,916.

These savings have been achieved as a result of an ongoing programme to provide greater value for money and explore more efficient ways of operating.

The money saved will be ploughed back into services, meaning that key services can benefit from the overall savings achieved across the council.

The council’s savings have been secured through a combination of better procurement, working with other authorities to commission work and research, as well as improving and streamlining services.

Cllr Freddie Allgood, Portfolio Holder for Finance and Efficiency, said:

"The City Council has been working hard to provide our residents with greater value for money whilst maintaining a consistent level of service. The City Council only gets 9p from every £1 of council tax, but we want to ensure that we make the most of that money and ensure that residents are confident of the way in which their money is spent. We are very happy with the progress we have made in this area so far"