A view of ‘T-Land’

Helena Eflerova’s sculptural installation T-Land opens this Friday at the view - Winchester’s visual arts space on Bridge Street.

Born in the Czech Republic, Helena trained as a Goldsmith and Silversmith before studying art in Israel and Italy. She received a BA Honours in Ceramics in West Wales School of Art and is currently undertaking research for an MA Fine Art course at the Winchester School of Art.

Helena’s work reflects her interest in the collaboration between art and science, especially the theories regarding pre-birth experience and how this affects the ways in which we behave and think. 

With T-Land, the physical condition and obscure texture of the felt-covered forms invite the spectator to take a closer look. The empty, fragile cases remind the viewer of abandoned insect nests or seashells, capturing the moment when something living was once there.

Reflecting on her work, Helena said: “T-Land conveys the vulnerability of a living being, and questions the significance of the prenatal experience and its impact on the postnatal life.

“The artwork is constantly undergoing change, morphing and interacting with its surroundings and never becoming permanent; seeking a moment of emotional and intuitive inquiry from the spectator.”

The installation runs from Friday 1st August to Friday 5th September 2008.

For more information or to view images from her previous installations please visit Helena’s website at www.eflerovah.com

Further details

the view is managed and funded by Winchester City Council’s Arts Development Service with the help of artist and teacher Ali Eales, and is for the display of new work created by local people who are either studying art or are early career artists and craft makers.

If you would like more information about showing work there or about any of the artists involved, please contact Faye Pain in the City Council’s cultural services division on 01962 848 303 or email fpain@winchester.gov.uk