Get fit in February for just £10

During February, River Park Leisure Centre will be offering ten days gym membership for only £10. By signing up to the promotion, customers will be entitled to full membership for a duration of ten consecutive days.

Kinetika membership, which usually has a minimum term of three months, includes unlimited use of the gym, swimming pool and exercise classes. This membership promotion will see customers enjoying full membership during ten consecutive days, which will also include an induction to the facilities. Once the ten days membership has come to an end, customers will have the option to take advantage of favourable full membership terms.

James Smee, General Manager at River Park Leisure Centre, said: “Leading a healthier lifestyle should be at the top of everyone’s agenda and this promotion will give customers the chance to focus on fitness. They can come along and try out our facilities and see what we have to offer. If they enjoy the experience, which I’m sure they will, they can sign-up to become regular members.”

James went on to explain: “The ten day trial is a great opportunity for our customers to use all our facilities to get fit in February. The induction that we will provide will ensure that they use the equipment safely and have a gym programme to follow during the ten days. Once the member’s ten day membership has expired, they will have the opportunity to extend it for a longer period of time.”

For more details about this membership offer, please call the kinetika Gym on 01962 848 704 or visit