Students learn how to 'rock'

Winnall Rock School has enjoyed another successful year; a year with culminated with a great summer show at the Theatre Royal on 15 July where the students performed their self-penned songs in front of an excited audience.

Winnall Rock School, which receives funding from the City Council, runs every Tuesday evening during term-time at Winnall Primary School from 4.45 - 6.30pm for 10-13 year olds, and from 6.45 - 8.30pm for 14-18 year olds.

Members are given the opportunity to try-out instruments and develop new skills on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. They can then form a band and, with help from the tutors, compose their own songs which they can perform in shows twice a year.

After the show in July, Chris Redmond, Music leader at Winchester Rock School, said:

"I was extremely pleased for everyone involved. The students really played well; the audience was amazing and the atmosphere made it feel like a professional gig. Some students only started playing a couple of months ago so it was great to see them performing so well on a big stage. Feedback has been very positive. We've set the bar high, so now we have to achieve even more for the next gig at Christmas!"

The Rock School gives youngsters the opportunity to express themselves through music, meet and work with other people of their age, and develop their confidence in front of others.

The Rock School is always looking for new members from Winnall, Highcliffe, Stanmore and Weeke.

The driving force of the Rock School is the team of volunteer music tutors who share their knowledge and experience, teaching young people how to play instruments and write songs.

Could you help out?

If you have any experience of playing an instrument or of being in a band, why not use your skills and experience to teach others. The school will be holding informal interviews in early September, shortly before the new Rock School term starts.

If you are interested in becoming a Rock School member or a volunteer tutor, contact Chris Woodsford, Project Co-ordinator, on 07592 030 292 or by email at

Winnall Rock School is funded by Winchester City Council with additional support from Hampshire County Council.