Sanctuary Music Festival Hotline

The Sanctuary Music Festival will take place this year at Cheesefoot Head on 8-10 August 2008. Music at the event will start from 5pm on Friday 8 August and run until 4am on the Saturday morning, starting again at 2pm on the Saturday afternoon until 6am on Sunday 10 August.

City Council Officers will be on site to check and monitor facilities including noise, water supply, sanitary accommodation, health and safety, catering and clearance of litter, both during and after the event for a temporary population equivalent in size to a small town.

In considering the application for this event the City Council paid particular attention to the potential for nuisance to nearby householders from a variety of sources and as a result conditions have been included in the licence aimed at minimising the impact of the event, and the City Council are committed to ensuring they are complied with.

Accordingly please note that the following helpline telephone numbers are available in the event you may need to call us.

Before the event
For Noise nuisance issues              01962 840 222 ext. 2350 (in Office hours)
For all other issues                         01962 840 222 ext. 2188 (in Office hours)

During the Event
2pm Friday 8 August until 7am Sunday 10 August 

For Noise Nuisance issues             01962 849 423
For Police Matters                         0845 0454 545 (Dial 999 in an emergency)
For All other issues                        01962 865 407