Pay-by-phone extends to Colebrook Street

Colebrook Street car park has become the latest addition to the City Council's Pay-by-phone parking network.

The pay-by phone system has helped to remove much of the hassle associated with paying for parking. There is no longer any need for motorists to fumble around for change for the parking machines. Instead, they can simply register with the pay-by-phone system and pay by card.

The system also solves the age-old problem of estimating how long you need to park for. Motorists can now simply pay for a minimal period of time and then top-up the time via their mobile phone as-and-when they need to. Registered users will receive text alerts on their phones when their parking session is due to expire; they then have the option to return to their car or to extend their parking session at the press of a few buttons.

There is no need to display any proof of purchase tickets in the vehicles, as Parking Attendants are equipped with special hand held devices which enable them to identify which vehicles are lawfully parked. These devises are immediately updated whenever a transaction is made.

The new pay-by-phone system does not come at the expense of the traditional ticket machines. Motorists who still want to use the coin operated machines to pay for their parking will still be able to do so. The pay-by-phone system is merely designed to give motorists an additional and more flexible way in which to pay for their parking.

Richard Hein, Parking Manager at Winchester City Council, said:

"The pay-by-phone system is proving to be very popular with motorists in Winchester, which is why we have decided to extend the system to incorporate our Colebrook Street car park.

Pay-by-phone gives motorists the added convenience of being able to pay by card if they don't have the correct change and to top-up their payment if they are unexpectedly delayed in getting back to their vehicle."

Keith Wood, Winchester City Council's Portfolio Holder for Planning and Access, added:

"I am really pleased that there has been such a good take-up of this new system. Pay-by-phone parking is part of a wider programme to make our car parks more customer friendly."

For more information about pay-by-phone parking, visit our parking pages.