A Fragile View

Don’t miss Arielle Klobusiczky’s exhibition at The View, Winchester’s visual arts space on Bridge Street. 

Her work is centred on the theme of ‘Being and Beauty’ and she focuses on the dual concept of fragility and resilience. Her work  is created within the context of what she calls “different realities apprehended”; an exploration of how the individual perceives and expresses feelings at any given moment in time.

Arielle Klobusiczky was brought up in France and Germany, and studied Fine Art in London.  She achieved an MA in Fine Art Painting at Winchester School of Art and is based  in  Winchester,  where she works on private commissions from across the UK.

She said: “With this display, I wish to propose different views on the shared notions of individually experienced fragility and brokenness." 

The exhibition runs until October 5th 2007.