Notice of Poll in the Parish of West Meon

A Parish Poll will be held in West Meon on Thursday 18 October 2007 to seek a Yes/No vote on the following question:

“Are you in favour of a development in West Meon for Affordable/Social Housing of up to 10 units on an Exception Site for people with a strong local connection?”

Exception Sites are designated sites where local rural communities can work together to provide affordable homes for local people.

The decision to hold the Parish Poll was made at a parish meeting on Thursday 18 September 2007. Such polls are relatively rare, but can be helpful in gaining the views of a community on potentially contentious questions capable of a yes/no answer.

The Parish Poll will take place at West Meon Village Hall, Headon View, West Meon, Hampshire and will be open to all those who are on the Register of Electors for the West Meon polling district.

Polling will take place from 4pm until 9pm

Those wishing to vote will be required to attend the Polling Station, as legislation does not provide for Poll Cards, Postal or Proxy Voting at a Parish Poll.