Medieval Meon: Up Close and Personal

A selection of medieval artefacts discovered by a local metal detectorists, Mr Mike Gaines, in the Meon Valley, has just gone on display at Winchester's City Museum.

Generously loaned by Mr. Gaines for this short-term display, they  create a picture of the everyday life for ordinary people during the Middle Ages.  The objects on display include evocative personal effects such as a crucifix figure, the very survival of which is remarkable because it is so delicate.  Other artefacts range from a rare 14th-century mirror case to examples of the various silver coins.

Rob Webley, the Hampshire Portable Antiquities Scheme Finds Liaison Officer, said, "Why not come and see how medieval peoples' concerns and possessions were similar to, or may have differed from our own?   

And did you know Winchester Museums offers a free identification service, with finds that qualify being recorded onto the Portable Antiquities Scheme database".

Patricia Stallard, portfolio holder for culture, heritage and sport at Winchester City Council, welcomed the recording and displaying of finds from the Meon parishes commenting, "The responsible recording of these items really adds to our knowledge of life in the past in this part of the district."

This display will run until the summer.  Admission to the museum is free. Opening hours are 10am - 4pm, Mon-Sat; Sun noon - 4pm.  You can also find out more about finds in the area where you live by clicking on the Portable Antiquities Scheme website at