Local info at the click of a mouse

Looking for an easy way to access information about your local area and the services available? Well look no further - all you have to do now is visit our new LocalView section. From here you will be able to see information not only about Council Tax bands, Councillors, refuse and recycling collection arrangements, but also your nearest schools, bank, pub, park, doctors, dentist or even allotment to name a few.

The system works by mapping your address, so just pop your postcode into the system and you can get all the details for the surrounding area, and even look at them on a map. You can click on a huge variety of items such as bus stops, places to eat, schools and post offices and they will display on the map and show exactly how far they are away from your chosen location.

This system is great for local people, visitors, and those thinking about moving into, or moving somewhere different in the district. All the local facilities are available either as a list or plotted on a map so you really can see at the touch of a button where your local services are.

So why not pop LocalView in to your favourites, then it's only a click or two away to knowing the local area like the back of your hand!