Take a look into the view

Don't miss Tzu-yun Wang's exhibition in the view, Winchester's visual arts space in Bridge Street. Her exhibition will be running from July 6 until August 3 2007.

Tzu-yun Wang was born in Taipei, Taiwan in 1979. She gained a Masters in Painting at Winchester School of Art and is currently in the first year of her PhD there. Tzu-yun's installation at the view is composed of several individual works and her paintings are about recording her life experiences, focusing on memory, desires, dreams, nature, seasons, existence, rites, and mystery.

She explained: "In order for the audience to learn about my life, I decided to exhibit my memory through various paintings. I draw paintings on plastic and tracing paper, both of which are transparent, and I see transparency as a time element."

Tzu-yun's work is a reflection of herself, which is the reason she thinks people are fascinated in and enjoy viewing the art of others. She said: "Seeing one's appearance can tell one's mental states."

In this exhibition each piece of work speaks its own language and contains a diverse collection of memory, inviting viewers to gain insight into the mind of the artist.

the view is managed and funded by Winchester City Council's Arts Development Service with the help of artist and teacher Ali Eales, and is for the display of new work created by local people who are either studying art or are early career artists and craft makers.

If you would like more information about showing work there or about any of the artists involved, please contact Faye Pain at the City Council on 01962 848303 or email fpain@winchester.gov.uk.