1APP is coming!

Are you aware of the biggest change to the planning system in decades?

1APP will change the way you submit planning applications to not only Winchester City Council but also every authority in England. You can learn more about these changes and how they could affect you by visiting the Planning Portal bus which is coming to Winchester on 9 July, or visit the website www.planningportal.gov.uk/1app

From 6th April 2008, the National Standard Planning Application Form (1APP) will replace all existing types of planning application forms within England and will become the only legal way of submitting a planning application.

Applications may only be submitted via Winchester City Council's existing planning application forms up until the 5th April 2008. Applicants will then be required to submit planning applications on the new 1APP paper forms, or on-line through the Planning Portal, and comply with the national and local checklist of requirements which is currently being determined. We will not be able to accept any other applications forms after 6 April 2008.

If you would like to learn more about 1APP, and how planning applications can be submitted on-line, please come on board the Planning Portal Bus on Monday 9 July between 11am - 7pm outside The Guildhall.

*This page has been updated. The original launch date of 1APP was October 2007.*