A Woman's Place

Don't miss Alex Hoare's new exhibition, 'A Woman's Place', which will run in the view - Winchester's visual arts space in Bridge Street - until Feb 9, 2007.

In the exhibition Alex shows, through drawings, paintings and 3D models, her proposals for a unique new structure for Winchester's Abbey Passage. This is an opportunity for the public to see Alex's plans for the site and to give their feedback.

Alex explained, "The Nunnaminster was a nunnery that for 600 years, from 903AD, stood on the site of what is now the Abbey Gardens and the Guildhall.

"This project explores the possibilities of creating a permanent work of art to be placed in this site, which will reawaken the public to its history and make connections between the lives of that ancient community of women and the women who inhabit the city now."

She added, "The work will take the form of a simple labyrinth in a small building, through which the public will walk to a central chamber. As they walk, sounds and images will be triggered, which not only evoke the past, but voice the thoughts and reflections of contemporary women. The intention is to create a contemplative space in which past and present meet and are experienced through the senses in a thought-provoking manner." 

As part of the project, the women of Winchester are invited to participate in the creation of the sound installation for the work:-

A Woman's Day: Women are asked to choose a day between now and February 12, and at various points in that day stop to reflect and jot down their thoughts and feelings.

These reflections, with permission, will be used during two workshop days at the City Museum in the Square where women will again be invited to participate and have their voices recorded for the installation.

the view
is managed and funded by Winchester City Council, Arts Development Service with the help of artist and teacher Ali Eales, and is for the display of new work created by students and early career artists and craft makers.
If you would like more information about showing work there or about any of the artists involved, please contact Faye Pain on (01962) 848 303.