Winchester - Your chance to have your say

Winchester Town Forum will be holding an interactive Question Time style event at the Theatre Royal on Tuesday 13 March at 7.00pm to discuss the Vision for Winchester which was launched back in January.

The document sets out a dynamic vision for Winchester which aims to bridge the gap between an evolving community that must build on its strengths while tackling its weaknesses, and one that must not lose its unique identity, heritage and people.

Mark Oaten MP will be chairing the debate with City Councillors and business leaders making up the panel. Members of the public will all have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the document, and talk about the way forward for Winchester's future.

Town Forum Chairman Cllr Peter Rees said, "The document launched in January was the first attempt to present our vision for a vibrant and dynamic Winchester. The vision is not intended to be a plan or a set of commitments, but rather the Town setting out to policy makers and service providers how we want to work with them in shaping our future.

"We hope that everyone will get involved in the event so that we can respond to new opportunities that arise and new challenges that emerge as the vision develops".

The vision can be found on Winchester City Council's website via the following link Vision Document . The vision for Winchester will help to shape the city's future and this will feed into Winchester City Council's Live for the Future campaign - details of which can also be found on-line.

If you would like to attend please contact the Theatre Royal box office on 01962 840 440 or Colin Veal on 01962 848 438