Winchester City Council makes tackling Climate Change a priority for the district

Tackling climate change is at the heart of Winchester City Council’s work after Cabinet approved the Climate Change Plan on behalf of the whole district.

The plan contains a framework for change including the four important outcomes: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing renewable energy generation, adaptation planning, and community involvement. It also sets an ambitious target to reduce by 30%, the district’s carbon emissions between now and 2015.

The Plan is just the beginning of the work that needs to be done, and the City Council welcomes the increasing number of groups and individuals playing their part. The establishment of the group Winchester Action on Climate Change has been endorsed by Cabinet’s three year commitment to contributing funding towards their important work.

Cllr George Beckett, Leader of the Council said “We are pleased to support the work of WinACC as it so closely aligns to our objectives on Climate Change. The Council are leading the way in reflecting the need to change and adapt and we expect that with WinACC’s help we can encourage others, on both a small and large scale, to do the same, helping Winchester succeed in tackling this serious issue”.

The Plan will grow and develop so if you have further actions that you or your organisation would like to add to the plan please let us know. These contributions are vital as they will add up to make the difference we need to succeed.