New Year’s Eve party tips

If you are proposing to celebrate the dawning of the New Year with a party, please remember to show consideration for your neighbours.

Here are some helpful tips:

1. If you are having a party at home, warn your neighbours in advance or even invite them!

2. Pull speakers away from the walls of the house and keep the bass down.

3. Turn the music down a bit more after midnight.

4. Don’t blast car stereos or slam car doors when leaving the party.

5. Encourage guests to come indoors after midnight.

6. Remind your guests to be respectful too.

The Environmental Health Service has powers to stop noisy parties and to confiscate stereos, even over the Christmas and New Year period, if they are causing a noise nuisance. However, If you follow our advice you should be able to party without upsetting the locals.

Click here to read more about the City Council’s noise control policies.