Council reviewing concerns over MotoCross event

Winchester City Council has issued a statement from its Chief Executive, Simon Eden, on the MotoCross of Nations that was held at Matterley Bowl, at the weekend.

He says the Council is aware of the concerns of the public following the event and added "there was a lot of consultation with the MotoCross organisers and pre-planning for the event, but it is clear that in practice the organisers did not deliver the agreed plans.

"We have met with the police and both organisations are currently reviewing the event to see whether there were any breaches of Licensing or Health and Safety legislation before deciding whether to take any formal action.

"The Council always seeks to learn from instances where things go wrong and will look closely at how events unfolded over the weekend, but the fact that the Homelands and Hi-Fi Festivals have been held in the same area for a number of years proves that events of this size can be a success."