Conservative majority for Winchester City Council

Following last Thursday's elections The Conservative Party are now the largest single party on Winchester City Council. The Conservatives gained 7 seats to give them an overall majority. The Liberal Democrats previously formed the largest single party.

Five seats were won by the Conservatives from those previously held by the Liberal Democrats, one was won from a previously Independent held seat and another from a previously Labour held seat.

Council will appoint a new Cabinet at its meeting on 17 May, when other roles will also be decided. Cabinet will appoint Portfolio Holders at its meeting the following day.

The overall electoral turn out was 46.45% a high turn out for District Council elections.

The political make up of the council is as follows, previous figures are in brackets

Conservative 29 (22)
Liberal Democrats 21 (26)
Independent 4 (5)
Labour 3 (4)

For full details of the election and the results in all 19 wards please visit  and follow the link from the front page