Cllr George Beckett elected leader of Winchester City Council

Cllr George Beckett was elected leader of Winchester City Council last night at the Annual Council meeting in the Guildhall.

As the majority party the Conservatives have formed the Cabinet with new Portfolios being created in line with their priorities for the council.

Cllr Beckett as Leader will take responsibility for major projects and the Local Strategic Partnership. In recognition of the importance attached to the success of the local economy and tourism, he will also take those responsibilities within his portfolio.

Portfolios allocated to other Cabinet members are as follows

Cllr George Hollingbery - Performance and Communications and Deputy Leader
Cllr Patricia Stallard - Culture, Heritage and Sport
Cllr Frank Pearson - Environment, Health and Safety
Cllr Frederick Allgood - Finance and Resources
Cllr Anthony Coates - Housing and Communities
Cllr Barry Lipscomb - Planning and Transport

Cllr Becket said "We have made some alterations in the Cabinet Portfolio responsibilities which will both facilitate the management of the Authority, and take our priorities forward. The Deputy Leader, George Hollingbery, will concentrate on fulfilling our election commitment to ensure that the Council is efficiently run, and seek further improvements in performance"

Chairmen of Council Committees are:

Cllr Fiona Mather - Licensing and Regulation
Cllr Ernest Jeffs - Planning Development Control
Cllr Stephen Godfrey - Personnel
Cllr Kelsie Learney - Principal Scrutiny
Cllr Neil Baxter - Appeals and Disputes
Cllr Jean Hammerton - Housing Appeals

Following the elections the Conservatives hold 29 seats, the Liberal Democrats 21, Labour 3 and Independents 4.