The Winchester District needs you!

The Winchester District Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) is about to start a review of its Community Strategy and it needs your help.

The Community Strategy, which was published in December 2004, sets out a vision for the future of our district. The strategy is owned by the Local Strategic Partnership, and aims to join up the efforts of a wide range of organisations working in the District so that we not only work together more effectively but also achieve more for our residents.

In order for the Community Strategy to be representative of the needs of the district it must broadly reflect the views of the local residents, councillors, and organisations within it. We are asking everyone who has a stake in the Winchester District for their comments on the current Community Strategy and what they think the LSP's priorities should be.

If you want to have your say go to  and click on 'Consultation in Winchester' or contact Antonia Perkins on 01962 848 314 for a hard copy of the questionnaire. We will need any comments by 1 June 2006.

A major review of the Community Strategy will be done next year and we will let you know how you can get involved nearer the time, this year we will be monitoring progress and updating the Strategy.

You can read the Community Strategy on our website - go to  and follow the link from the front page. If you don't have access to the Internet, please ring us on 01962 840 222 and we will send you a copy.