Food Safety tips given at Farmers Market

Winchester City Council food officers were on hand at last Sunday's Farmers Market to give advice to the public on food safety as part of the 14th National Food Safety Week. Over 100 people entered a competition on the day with 3 winners receiving a healthy hamper of products donated by the stallholders.

Each year it is estimated that around 5 million people will suffer with food poisoning and contrary to belief, the majority do not fall ill from eating out, but from poor hygiene in their own home. Food Safety week aims to raise the profile with the public on how they can take steps to minimise the risk of falling ill.

This year's Food Safety Week theme focuses on raising the awareness of the 4 C's for Food Safety:

• Cleanliness: Keep your kitchen, equipment and work surfaces clean
• Cooking: Make sure food is properly cooked before eating
• Chilling: Keep perishable food cold until you cook or eat them
• Cross-contamination: Don't let harmful germs spread around your kitchen

With the weather improving and with the start of the world cup the BBQ season will be kicking off, so this is a timely opportunity to remind everyone to think carefully when preparing, cooking and storing food.

Top food safety tips
• Wash hands thoroughly when preparing food especially after handling raw products
• Chilled foods should be kept at 5°C or below
• Store ready to eat foods above raw meats.
• Use separate utensils for raw and cooked meat. Never put cooked food on a plate or surface that has been used for raw meat.
• Barbecued food may look thoroughly cooked when it isn't. To be sure that it is safe to eat, check that it's piping hot all the way through and that none of the meat is pink and any juices run clear.
• Don't add sauce or marinade to cooked food if it has already been used with raw meat.
• Keep food preparation surfaces and kitchens clean

Anyone wanting more information on the campaign or other food safety issues can contact the Commercial Team on 01962 848 186.